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Address: Brace Domany 4, Srednjaci, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, Europe







In case of cancellation of the booked accommodation:

  • More than 30 days from the arrival, we return 90% of the amount paid,
  • Less than 30 days and more than seven days from the arrival, we return 70% of the amount,
  • Seven or less days from arrival or no-show of customer, we don’t return the amount paid.


Check-in is at earliest 2 PM and check-out is latest at 10 AM, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the owner. It is necessary to announce the arrival time in advance.

At check-in all domestic guests must give identity card and foreign guests must give passport for Tourist Board and the police registration. The documents will be returned within 24 hours.

At check-in guests are required to give security deposit in the amount of 750 Kuna in cash to the host, if guests did not cause any damage or alienation security deposit will be returned when the guests are leaving.

The guests acknowledge that they are familiar with the all equipment and compensation for the destruction of the inventory. Prices of inventory are located in the apartment.

Guests use the key of the apartment, which must keep with them. They have to take care to lock the apartment and personal belongings and valuables. The owners are not liable for theft and negligence.

During the stay guests can use all the devices in the apartment. Guests are instructed how to use all devices and equipment and agree to  handle them carefully and appropriately. If damage or disappearance of certain items or equipment in the apartments, guests are required to notify the host of apartments at the time of the event and compensate for the value of missing or damaged items.

Taking out of devices and equipment (towels, blankets, etc.) from the apartment is prohibited.

Cleaning is done during each guests shift. Linen change during each shift, and yet every seven days for longer stay guests in the apartment, while we provide towels for changing every third day.

The owner reserves the right, in the particular circumstances in the absence of guests to enter the apartment if it is necessary to prevent harm or danger (in the case of water leakage, fire, if window struck the wind and rain are likely to be harmed , etc.).

When guests exit they must close the doors and windows, turn off the lights, all electrical devices, turn off the water and lock the main door.

Due to strong winds and rainfall, guests have to take care to close the windows WHENEVER ARE THEY IN THE APARTMENT OR THEY ARE GOING OUT. During a storm guest have to put shutters down.

Between 11 PM and 8 AM is not allowed to make noise, party, play loud music and disturb neighbors. Failure to follow this rule may be sanctioned in accordance with Croatian law, followed by police intervention.

In the apartment is not allowed to stay longer or overnight for persons who are not registered and didn’t pay accommodation. For each unregistered guest we will charge 350 Kuna per total number of nights. Maximum number of guests in apartment is five.

It is forbidden to bring weapons, flammable items, prohibited drugs or any other dangerous things.

Pets are prohibited.

Bringing other items, electrical equipment, appliances and machinery is allowed only with special approval from the owners.

It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes inside the apartment, is only permitted on the balcony of the apartment. We kindly ask smokers
not to throw cigarette in the apartment or balcony and take all security measures to prevent fires.

One wardrobe in the Apartment is only for the purposes of the owner and therefore is under lock and is forbidden to take items from it or open it.

By the beginning of the stay, guests confirm that they are familiar with the General Terms and Conditions for staying in Zagreb Penthouse Apartment and agrees to the obligations and conditions prescribed by it. Any disputes that can’t be resolved with the host will be resolved by intervention of the police or the court in Zagreb, according to the Croatian laws.

Please follow the above rules in order so your stay would be more comfortable. Violation of General Terms and Conditions for stay in Zagreb Penthouse Apartment may result in the cancellation of accommodation.

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