Zagreb City
Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. In 2011 Zagreb’s city population was almost 700,000. Zagreb is the seat of the central government, administrative bodies and almost all government ministries. They say that his most important economic industries of electrical machinery and apparatus, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food and beverage industry. It seems to us that the last two sectors still most pronounced in the city, so it is up to you to immerse in the spirit of the city.


The cultural offer
Zagreb has a rich cultural offer and that can confirm figure of 38 cultural institutions, which include 10 museums. The most important among them are the City Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Within the city government operates 14 centers for culture. There are many theaters in the capital.

Regarding culture, it should be noted that the nightlife has a wide range of concerts, domestic and foreign well-established artists, theater performances, various different literary recitation in underground bars.


The climate of Zagreb has a continental climate. Zagreb has four separate seasons. Summers are warm and winters are cold, without a discernible dry season. The average temperature in winter is 0 °C and the average temperature in summer is 27 °C. Snowfall is common in the winter months. Highest recorded temperature ever was 40.4 °C in July 1950 and lowest was −27.3 °C in February 1956.


Many hospitals are located near the center of town and there are also plenty private clinics all around the city. They say that is much cheaper for, let’s say Germans to fly to Zagreb, stay in hotel and fix their teeth then do only teeth reparations in Germany.


Public transport
Only 3 minutes walk from Zagreb Penthouse you can catch tram in Horvaćanska Road to go to the city center. You can buy tickets in tobacco shop in front of our skyscraper. More information about public transport (trams and buses) you can find on:


Zagreb Penthouse neighborhood – Srednjaci and Jarun
Srednjaci is one of the nicest district is Zagreb, where Zagreb Penthouse is located. Lake Jarun is only 10 minutes away by walk and there you can walk around, you can ride a bike or roll skate, jogging, workout, swim or just relax and make barbecue. The neighborhood has a great bars and pizza (famous “Edo” and “Baschierra” pizzerias are nearby). An unprecedented number of parks, virtually every building block have its own park and shops, banks, schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, schools, health centers. Youth and student dormitory “Sava” is also nearby and the most popular students’ places to go out like “Roko” and “Petica”. During nights Jarun becomes night entertainment center with lots of bars, restorans and clubs.


City center guarantees fun
We would also recommend city center to go out due to the large number of bars there. You can just seat outside in “Tkalčićeva Street” or “Cvjetni Plac” and enjoy in the city spirit. All is in walking distance and you can go to “Gornji grad” to enjoy romantic view on the city lights. The great old cinemas are in the city center also. If you like alternative places, we would recommend “Cico” bar in Tkalčićeva Street, “Bacchus” in Strossmayer Square near “Glavni kolodvor” (Main railway station) and “Sedmica” in Medulićeva street. Getting drunk with Locals in Zagreb


The eternal student
Students are in Zagreb at every step and lot of them from different Croatians cities. University was established on 1669 when the Jesuits founded the first University and so it is among the oldest in Europe.


Brief history
Zagreb was mentioned for the first time in year 1094. In year 1242 Croatian – Hungarian King Bela IV ponounced Zagreb (then called Gradec) as Free Royal City by “Zlatna Bula” (Golden Bull) Statement. On 25th June 1991 Croatian Parliament proclaims independence and sovereignty of the Croatia from Yugoslavia and Zagreb. More details about Zagreb you can find on:


Seeightseeing of Zagreb in tourist cabrio bus

You can see main tourist atractions and enjoy Zagreb’s atmosphere and charm from open-top buses. Bus operates along two routes through the city: the Red goes true the city center and the Green line includes the best known green oases of Zagreb and it goes from the city centrer to the Jarun where it traspases by Horvaćanska Road near Zagreb Penthouse.  The route is 32.5 kilometres long and it has seven stops along the way; it lasts for about an hour and a half in total. The departure point is from Bakačeva Street on Kaptol, every two hours, between 9 AM and 2 PM and Red line goes every one hour. Sightseeing is based on the “hop-on hop-off” principle. In other words, tourists can unlimitedly use both lines with one ticket for a period of 24 hours. The price for a one-day ticket is 70 kuna, while children between the ages of 7 and 18 pay half price (only 35 kuna). Here  you can download pdf with green line: tourist bus sightseeing Zagreb


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